Breeding Philosophy

Breeding the perfect female is the ultimate goal at Belview.

A female that is fertile, adaptable, maternal, productive, structurally correct and docile is the nirvana. Striving for a herd full of such females is what gets us out of bed each day. Ensuring the genetics these females pass into the commercial market are producing plenty of great quality beef is the end game. Guaranteeing consistency and improvement with every generation is the promise.

Selection pressure is applied from marking and continues throughout. Performers stay and stragglers go.

Heifers are expected to calve at two years of age and then continue to produce a calf every year thereafter, with strict joining periods imposed. Early pregnancy testing has been a consistent practice at Belview to allow for prompt identification and removal of empty females from the breeding line.

Having a commercially productive and sustainable animal is at the forefront of selection. We aim to keep frames moderate and structure sound and expect a smooth and even muscle pattern. Cattle are expected to perform regardless of the seasonal and nutritional challenges that are the normal in our location.

There are no second chances when it comes to temperament. Udders are closely watched and navels kept clean so tidy sheaths can be passed down to the bulls. The bulls kept at Belview are constantly scrutinised and only offered for sale if they meet a certain standard. Breedplan is utilised to aid in selection of genetics to provide a balance of growth and desirable carcass attributes.

The ‘perfect’ animal is constantly evolving but we hope by concentrating on the fundamentals and continuously monitoring and recording performance data that the herd is always improving and has the capability of supplying quality beef genetics into various commercial settings.