Punchagin Eclipse 1982. Belview foundation sire

Trevor and Colleen Jorgensen founded Belview Brangus (stud number 226) in 1983 at Bentley (via Casino) in the NSW Northern Rivers region. After joining their Angus cows to a Brahman bull, they were so impressed with the cross they decided Brangus was the breed for them and never looked back.  

Foundation females were purchased from Bimbadeen and Coreen studs to compliment the Belview females. The 1982 Rockhampton Brangus All Breeds Champion bull Punchagin Eclipse was purchased as the foundation sire. Some of the first American genetics available in Australia were introduced in 1987 through AI.

Those early years were busy attending local shows and entering hoof and hook competitions with many a broad ribbon success. Raising a young family with soaring interest rates meant that Trevor, a butcher and Colleen, an office clerk, had lots of balls in the air.

1991 brought about a big change, a move to “Magnet” Delungra, our present location on the NSW North West Slopes, and the opportunity to continue to expand the cowherd and the land holding over the next 25 years to where we are today.

Champion Pair of Steers, Kyogle Fat Cattle Show 1983
Champion Beast of the Kyogle Fat Cattle Show 1983
Supreme Champion All Breeds Steer, 1984 North Coast National Lismore
Casino Beef Week Street Parade 1985
1987 Belview Jacko
1986 Champion Interbreed Steer Kyogle Show

The 1990s brought some of the more challenging times with poor cattle prices, minimal rainfall and transitioning the land from sheep grazing to a functional cattle enterprise. Water improvements were made, new property purchased, numbers slowly increased, yards were built and droughts survived.

Some highlights of the ‘90s were attending the Rockhampton Brangus Society Bull sale, topping the 1997 and 1998 sales.  Selling a sire to Greendale in its prime was certainly an accolade of the time.  Also Trevor and Colleen have held executive roles on the Brangus Committee and have enjoyed giving back to the breed.

2000 QCL Mambo to Greendale Photo
2000 QCL Mambo to Greendale Photo

Belview commenced Breedplan recording in 1998 and have since utilised EBVs as a tool to increase desired traits in the cattle. Over the years we have seen marked improvements in growth and consistency. By scanning all replacement yearling heifers and all bulls we are seeing improvements in the carcass attributes of EMA, fat cover and IMF each year.

The 2000s saw the introduction of ET programs with opportunities seized to amplify the presence of some of the outstanding performers amongst our valued female line. Every ET program we run brings a new level of excitement to see what future key players will be introduced. The Belview herd has always held the female at the centre focus of its breeding philosophy so we love having the opportunity to experiment and design progeny from these special leading ladies.

Beef Australia 2012 and the International Brangus congress saw Belview return to the show scene for a few years. Again broad ribbon success was celebrated at a range of meets including the Brisbane RNA and BEEF 2012 and 2015.  The halters have been hung up for now but you will still find many favourites wandering the paddocks at “Magnet”.

Beef Australia 2012 Show team

In a location where seasons can dramatically vary, and surviving through many dry spells, there is a firm dedication to sustainable land management and pasture restoration on the property.

2011 Supplementary feeding cows during dry times

Many open days and field days have been hosted on-site throughout the years where this approach to pasture improvement and management has been recognised. Particularly, they were awarded the Champion of Champions Blackwood Shield for Sustainable Land Management, a significant award for the local area.

The past 10 years have seen a further expansion in both landholding and herd size. This has allowed for capitalisation of over 40 years of experience to act as a strong platform for continued progression.

The novelty never wears off seeing this year’s progeny improving on last year’s. We are blessed to share these experiences through the inclusion of the next generation in the business and the excitement that comes with the new ideas and shared visions.

Together we aim to continue to sustainably and consistently produce high quality performing cattle concentrating on commercial attributes to suit a range of markets.

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