Beef production is paramount to us on volume but particularly on quality.

At Belview we are conscious that the majority of what we produce heads into the commercial market, beef is ultimately the end game. Our bulls need to perform for our clients in a wide range of commercial adaptations. Their progeny need to meet various market specifications for the short, medium and long feeder markets.

Therefore it is critical that our breeding philosophy must have the commercial animal at its heart. Keeping a balance between key carcass traits and growth EBV’s in selection of genetics ensures that beef quality is not sacrificed in the pursuit of heavier carcasses.

We have clients that target all facets of the industry and we welcome and value the wide range of feedback they can provide. We utilise our in herd traceability to identify optimum genetics when our commercial animals are sent to feedlots and to processors for grading. The majority of what we send to commercial plants grades to MSA standard and this is a continued focus for the business. We are also EU accredited.

Belview + Wagyu = JR Pastoral

Noting the base female herd at Belview is a minimum of 67.5% Angus, a very considered move was made to introduce some select Wagyu genetics into a portion of the females to further add carcass quality to our beef product.

This has evolved into the JR Pastoral commercial line and through a valued partnership with the Hornery family we are excited about following through the lifetimes of these progeny to measure the impact on carcass quality. The Hornery brand, Bar H Grazing, has a proven history in breeding superior Wagyu genetics and through careful selection, specific Wagyu bloodlines have been introduced to complement our breeders.

The F1 progeny will provide a plethora of measurable data for us to use to continue down the line of further enhancing the meat quality of our commercial beef operation. It will also allow a platform to compare F1 performance alongside our full Brangus lines.