40th Anniversary Sale 16.06.2023

The 40th Anniversary Belview Brangus sale will be hosted online and on property on June 16, 2023

A selection of 2021 Bulls (S bulls) and Autumn 2022 Bulls (T bulls) along with a limited number of carefully selected heifers will be on offer. 

All bulls are available for inspection on property by appointment. There will be an open day held on Saturday 27th of May 2023 where all animals available for sale can be viewed.

All bulls will be vaccinated with 7-in-1, Vibrio, Pestigard, Bovine Ephermeral Fever (3 day sickness) and Tick fever vaccines prior to the sale. They will be vet checked with crush side and semen morphology testing completed  in accordance to the Australian VBBSE standard prior to the sale.

EBV and parentage data is available. Bulls are sire verified through DNA testing along with coat colour, poll status and tenderness.

Please see the table below for information on the sale bulls and heifers. Photos will be updated soon with photos and videos of each lot available by early May. If you would like to recieve correspondance about the sale please contact us with your details so we can add you to our mailing list.

Below are the bulls and heifers we are offering in the 40th Anniversary sale. Please click on the Society ID link to view pedigree, EBVs and DNA verification on the Brangus Australia database.