2024 Sale: Friday June 21st 1pm

Our Annual Sale will be held on Friday June 21st at 1pm.  On property at "Inverleigh", 212 Fairweather Road, Myall Creek, NSW OR Online via the Stocklive Elite platform .

A selection of 2022 Bulls (T bulls) and Autumn 2023 Bulls (U bulls) along with 8 Heifers from the heart of the herd will be on offer. 

Our vaccination program includes

  • 7-1
  • Pestigard
  • Bovine Ephemeral Fever (3 day sickness)
  • Tick fever
  • Vibrio (Bulls only)

Bulls are vet checked with crush side and semen morphology testing completed in accordance to the Australian VBBSE standard prior to the sale. Heifers will be certified for breeding soundness.

EBV and parentage data is available. All registered lots are either fully parent verified (majority) or at least sire verified through DNA testing along with coat colour, poll status and tenderness.

Watch this space for information on sale animals. This will be updated soon. Photos will be updated as they become available. Expect photos of some lots and videos of all lots to be available by mid to late May.  If you would like to recieve correspondence about the sale please contact us with your details so we can add you to our mailing list. Visit our social pages (facebook and instagram @belviewbrangus) for sale updates and information on selected lots.

Below are the bulls and heifers we are offering at our 2024 sale. Please click on the Society ID link to view pedigree, EBVs and DNA verification on the Brangus Australia database. The VBBSE section will have Veterinary Bull Breeding Soundness Exam Certificates uploaded for the bulls and Breeding Soundness Certificates for the heifers as they become available. Click the blue text to see the relevant certificates.

2022 T Bulls and Autumn 2023 U bulls and heifers